Contenidos de In the stars I’ll find you and other tales of futures fantastic

Bradley P. Beaulieu ha dado a conocer los relatos que formarán parte de In the stars I’ll find you and other tales of futures fantastic, así como la portada. Aquí tenéis una breve sinopsis:

  • “In the Stars I’ll Find You” – Erin O’Shea finds herself at odds with her sister, Tara, and it’s only after a mission to a habitable planet, light years distant from Earth, that Erin truly understands her sister’s point of view, but by then it may be far too late to reconcile.

  • “Compartmentalized” – Mitch has been hiding something. The trouble is, he no longer has any idea what it is, not after he’d submitted himself to a new procedure known as compartmentalization. There’s a part of Mitch that wants to learn more, but another part is desperate to keep it from him.

  • “Upon the Point of a Knife” – Jonah is an orphan who runs the streets of 1800′s Providence, but everything changes when an old man approaches him and offers him a knife that doesn’t draw blood, but one’s very soul.

  • “Chasing Humanity” – The world has been waiting for the transcendence of artificial intelligence for decades. It finally arrives, but the AI is immediately plunged into mystery when it, and its creator, both disappear.

  • “Bloom” – A scientist struggles to contain a viral outbreak that threatens the world’s food supplies, “Bloom” is a story of heroism even in the face of unstoppable political forces.

  • “Born of a Trickster God” – Part two of The Rümayesh Triptych, a trio of tales set in the world of The Song of the Shattered Sands. In this installment, Çeda learns more of Rümayesh, the powerful creature that has been living hiding in the streets of Sharakhai for centuries.

  • “No Viveremos Como Presos” – Miguel only has his grandfather’s best interests at heart, but when his grandfather starts talking about an organization whose motto is “We will not live as prisoners,” Miguel becomes worried.

  • “And a Girl Named Rose” – A ship’s AI struggles with the loss of its human cargo. When one of the last, a girl named Rose, threatens to leave as well, it strikes emotions in the ship it didn’t realize it had. But does it happen to late to save Rose?

  • “Flashed Forward” – A story about a man who kickstarts his leap into the future. As is normal for Kickstarter’s, it’s only after the project funds that things get really interesting.

  • “Quinta Essentia” – Sean Brannon’s body was ruined by David Lock, a scientist driven by his quest to unlock the secrets of Quinta Essentia, the most elusive of the magical elements. However, it’s only after the Jovians land that Sean and David both discover the real secrets of the fifth element.

In-the-Stars-Ill-Find-You-768x1024La portada me parece espectacular, ¿cómo la veis vosotros?

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