Libro gratis: Rocket Fuel

Para celebrar su décimo aniversario, la gente de ha creado un libro con los artículos más interesantes publicados en su blog y lo ha dejado disponible para su descarga gratuita. El título del libro es Rocket Fuel, con la portada que anexo y los contenidos que podéis ver a continuación:

Prefacio – Bridget McGovernUnder the Covers with a Flashlight: Our Lives as Readers – Emily Asher-Perrin
Sometimes, Horror is the Only Fiction That Understands You – Leah Schnelbach
The Bodies of the Girls Who Made Me: Fanfic and the Modern World – Seanan McGuire
Writing Women Characters as Human Beings – Kate Elliott
Meet My Alien Family: Writing Across Cultures in Science Fiction – Becky Chambers
So How Does a Centaur Eat, Anyway? – Judith Tarr
Fantasy, Reading, and Escapism – Jo Walton
The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (and Why You Should Read It) – Leigh Butler
Robert Jordan: The American Tolkien – Michael Livingston
The Trial of Galadriel – Jeff LaSala
Good Idols: Terry Pratchett & the Appropriate Hug – Lish McBride
Orwell and the Librarian, a Love Story – Alex Brown
Beloved: The Best Horror Novel the Horror Genre Has Never Claimed – Grady Hendrix
The Peril of Being Disbelieved: Horror and the Intuition of Women – Emily Asher-Perrin
What Rape Apologists Need to Learn From Jessica Jones – Natalie Zutter
In Defense of Villainesses – Sarah Gailey
Queering SFF: Writing Queer—Languages of Power – Brit Mandelo
Sleeps With Monsters: There’s A Counter In My Head – Liz Bourke
Apologize to No One: V for Vendetta is More Important Today Than it Ever Was – Emily Asher-Perrin
Five Books about Loving Everybody – Nisi Shawl
Safe as Life: A Four-Part Essay on Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle – Brit Mandelo
The Complete American Gods Mix Tape – Bridget McGovern
Rewatching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: “Far Beyond the Stars” – Keith R.A. DeCandido
The POC Guide to Writing Dialect In Fiction – Kai Ashante Wilson
Homecoming: How Afrofuturism Bridges the Past and the Present – Tochi Onyebuchi
Nobody Gets Mad About Hamlet Remakes: Why Superheroes Are the New Cultural Mythology – Ryan Britt
Sowing History: A Gardener’s Tale – Ursula Vernon
Not Saving the World? How Does That Even Work? – Jo Walton
Ursula Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” Defies Genre – Gabrielle Bellot
Soon I Won’t Know What the Future Looks Like – Chris Lough
Bouncy Prose and Distant Threats: An Appreciation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (or Sorcerer’s) Stone – Mari Ness
Joy, Sorrow, Regret, and Reassurance: The Singular Beauty of The Last Unicorn – Bridget McGovern
One Day You Wake Up and You Are Grown: Fairyland and the Secrets of Growing Up – Molly Templeton
Preparing Myself for Death with Joe Versus the Volcano – Leah Schnelbach

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