Ebook gratis : Beyond the door of death

BeyondEn la modalidad de paga lo que quieras, incluso nada, este mes podemos conseguir Beyond the door of death, de Robert Silverberg y Damien Broderick.

Esta es su sinopsis:

“Born With the Dead” (the novella) was nominated for every major science fiction award when it was originally published in 1974, winning the Nebula and Locus awards.

The story describes a future in which the dead can be “re-kindled” back to a new form of life. While they remember their pasts thought, their personalities are subtly shifted and the ordinary concerns and feelings of their original life no longer concern them.

The author now revisits the classic story with Australian author Damien Broderick. Broderick uses Robert Silverberg’s original novella as a starting point for a brilliant leap into the far future, widening the scope and tenor of the original story by revisiting some of its subtler implications.

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