Portada del nuevo libro traducido al inglés de Liu Cixin

Después del éxito de The Three-Body Problem y sus continuaciones, Tor va a continuar publicando obras de Liu Cixin. La siguiente en aparecer en 2017 será Ball Lightning, con esta espectacular portada:

ball-lightning-coverY la sinopsis:

When Chen’s parents are incinerated before his eyes by a blast of ball lightning, he devotes his life to cracking the secret of mysterious natural phenomenon. His search takes him to stormy mountaintops, an experimental military weapons lab, and an old Soviet science station. The more he learns, the more he comes to realize that ball lightning is just the tip of an entirely new frontier in particle physics. Although Chen’s quest provides a purpose for his lonely life, his reasons for chasing his elusive quarry come into conflict with soldiers and scientists who have motives of their own: a beautiful army major with an obsession with dangerous weaponry, and a physicist who has no place for ethical considerations in his single-minded pursuit of knowledge.

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