Portada de The Real-Town Murders

Aquí os traigo la portada de la que a priori parece una novela interesantísima de Adam Roberts. Se llamará The Real-Town Murders y estará situada en un futuro cercano. La sinopsis reza así:

Alma is a private detective in a near-future England, a country desperately trying to tempt people away from the delights of Shine, the immersive successor to the internet. She is one of the few who doesn’t use it, but most people are happy to spend their lives plugged in, and the country, as a consequence, is crumbling.

To make matters worse, Alma’s partner is critically ill, and has to be treated without fail every four hours, a responsibility that only Alma can fulfil. If she misses the five-minute window, her lover will die. So when Alma is called to an automated car factory to be shown an impossible death and finds herself caught up in a political coup, she knows that getting too deep may leave her unable to get home.

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