Libros gratis : London Revenant y Head Injuries

En estos momentos se pueden descargar de forma gratuita London Revenant y Head Injuries, dos obras de Conrad Williams.

Aquí tenéis las sinopsis:

London Revenant

A madman is pushing people under Tube trains…

Adam Buckley thinks he knows who it is, but has problems of his own to deal with. Damaged from a recent break-up, his narcolepsy worsening, he learns that his friends have become suicidally obsessed with finding insane, unexplored parts of London.

He glimpses figures in the subterranean gloom, half recognised faces at parties to which he can’t recall being invited, indications of a life lived yet never remembered. As his confusion deepens, so too does the threat of violence. In peeling back so many of the city’s faces, he fears that the skull beneath the skin might well be known to him.

Head Injuries

David has been summoned to Morecambe, a place he hoped he’d never see again. It’s winter and the English seaside town is dead. David knows exactly how it feels.

Empty for as long as he can remember, he depends too much on a past filled with the excitements of drink, drugs, and emotionless sex. The friends – Helen and Seamus – who sustained him are here now, and together they aim to pinpoint the source of the violence that has suddenly exploded into their lives.

They drive each other further into a territory of fear, suspicion, and threat as old bitternesses are rekindled, ancient haunts are revisited.

The phantoms of the past are coalescing and something is coming home to roost.

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