Libro gratis : Heaven is a place on Earth

Heavencover200X300Durante tiempo limitado está disponible para su descarga gratuita en Amazon el libro  Ya no está disponible para su descarga gratuita, como me ha hecho saber el autor “Heaven is a place on Earth” de Graham Storrs, Esta es su sinopsis:

Ginny had only dated the enigmatic Cal Coplin a couple of times when the police arrived to question her about him. He’d disappeared – something that should be completely impossible in the late 21st century when everyone was electronically tagged. And then Ginny received a recorded message from Cal, asking her to deliver a small package for him. Her decision to help him plunges Ginny into a world of fear, corruption, and massive deception. On the run from the police, a dangerous terrorist organisation, and a shadowy corporation, Ginny struggles to stay alive and free while she tries to understand what is happening and prevent a deadly attack on the government. But in a world dominated by augmented and virtual realities, nothing is as it seems, and the deception runs deeper than anyone could imagine.

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  1. Gracias por la mención, Leticia. Lo siento, pero “Heaven is a Plce on Earth” ya no está disponible de forma gratuita. Sin embargo, sigue siendo ofrecido a un precio reducido por un tiempo más largo en el marco de la puesta en marcha de esta novela.

    Graham (translation by Google Translate)

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