Libro gratis: The mutant season

20141102-200907.jpgDurante el mes de noviembre estará disponible para su descarga pagando la voluntad (incluso si la voluntad es 0), el libro The mutant season de Robert Silverberg y Karen Haber. Aquí tenéis su sinopsis:

There are mutants living among us. People with golden yellow eyes, extraordinary powers and strange abilities. For centuries they have hidden themselves, fearing persecution. After rising tensions in recent decades, the mutants find new hope in the twenty-first century, with one of their own holding high political office.

But underlying prejudices are hard to eradicate completely. And even as the mutants find greater acceptance in society, a single event threatens to undo everything.

In 2017, the murder of a prominent politician sets off a series of events that will bring the mutants into direct conflict with “normal“ humans, and the world may never again be the same.

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