Ebook gratis : Small miracles

MiraclesEl libro gratis de este mes de Phoenix Pick es Small Miracles de Edward J. Lerner. Aquí os traigo la sinopsis:

When Brent Cleary, demonstrating a beta-test protective “nanosuit” to potential customers, gets trapped in a massive pipeline explosion, only the nanosuit saves him. Smart nanobots integrated into the suit will do whatever it takes to protect the wearer ….

The explosion kills hundreds. It’s so destructive that—despite his protective suit—Brent suffers severe injuries. He needs first aid—and lots of it—that the bots scurry to provide ….

But once inside his body, what will the bots do? Will they continue in their mission to improve and repair? How does one repair the imperfection that is a human being? Where and when does the bots’ mission end?

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