Libro gratis : Humanity 2.0

El libro que nos ofrece Phoenix Books este mes en la modalidad de paga-lo-que-quieras o incluso 0 euros es Humanity 2.0,  una recopilación de Alex Shvartsman que ya leí en su momento y que recomiendo.

Aquí los blurbs y la portada:

“Robert Silverberg’s story stands out as unforgettable and of great importance in showing the potential danger of meeting extraterrestrial intelligent beings.”—Forest Shultz, New Science Fiction an Fantasy Reviews

“All in all, anyone interested in this anthology’s theme will likely enjoy it.”—Tangent

What will it mean to be human in the future? How will we evolve in order to reach the stars?

Fifteen short stories collected in this book examine how interstellar flight might change humanity itself. Will we choose to upload our minds into a singularity? Enhance ourselves with alien DNA? Will our bodies remain the same, but our culture and societal norms adapt to accommodate for effects of time dilation, or become subsumed by advanced alien cultures?

Hugo and Nebula award winning authors, bestsellers, and some of the hottest new writers in the field of hard science fiction imagine an array of possible futures—from bright to dystopian—and different permutations of what’s in store for us as a species.


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