Jeff Noon publicará dos libros con Angry Robot

Acabamos de saber que Jeff Noon ha firmado un acuerdo con Angry Robot para publicar dos libros, el primero de los cuales tiene prevista su salida en agosto de 2017 bajo el título A Man of Shadows.

Aquí tenéis la sinopsis:

Below the neon skies of Dayzone – a city where the lights never go out, and night has been banished – lowly private eye John Nyquist takes on a teenage runaway case. His quest to track down Eleanor Bale takes him from Dayzone, to the permanently blacked-out alleyways of Nocturna. As the vicious, seemingly invisible serial killer known only as Quicksilver haunts the streets, Nyquist starts to suspect that the runaway girl holds within her the key to the city’s fate. In the end, there’s only one place left to search: the strange, mysterious realm known as Dusk, a place of ghosts, mists and living shadows.

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