Anunciada una nueva novela de la Compañía Negra

Tor ha anunciado la publicación de una nueva novela de la Compañia Negra de Glen Cook que se publicará en septiembre de 2018.

La novela se llamará Port of Shadows y la sinopsis es la siguiente:

Years into a campaign against the rebels who have rallied behind the White Rose have left the Company jaded and the fact that the Lady seems to have taken particular interest in Croaker since his stay in the Tower hasn’t exactly made his life easier.

Now it looks like The Limper is up to his old tricks and is doing what he can to separate Croaker and the Black Company from The Lady’s favor. Now Croaker finds his fate tied to a brand new taken. One claiming to be something impossible but feels uncomfortably familiar. It’s going to take all of Croaker’s cunning to insure that the mechantions of The Lady and her “loyal” taken, The Limper, don’t destroy the company once and for all.

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