Finalistas premios BSFA 2018

Se han dado a conocer los finalistas de los premios BSFA de este año. ¡Y tenemos representación española! Enhorabuena a Marian Womack en especial y a todos los demás nominados.

Mejor novela

Dave Hutchinson – Europe at Dawn (Solaris)

Yoon Ha Lee – Revenant Gun (Solaris)

Emma Newman – Before Mars (Ace Books)

Gareth L Powell – Embers of War (Titan Books)

Tade Thompson – Rosewater (Orbit)

Mejor ficción corta

Nina Allan – The Gift of Angels: an Introduction (Clarkesworld)

Malcolm Devlin – The Purpose of the Dodo is to be Extinct (Interzone #275)

Hal Duncan – The Land of Somewhere Safe (NewCon Press)

Ian McDonald – Time Was (

Martha Wells – Exit Strategy (

Liz Williams – Phosphorus (NewCon Press)

Marian Womack – Kingfisher (Lost Objects, Luna Press)

Mejor no ficción

Nina Allan – Columna Time Pieces 2018 (Interzone)

Ruth EJ Booth – Columna Noise and Sparks 2018 (Shoreline of Infinity)

Liz Bourke – Columna Sleeps With Monsters 2018 (

Aliette de Bodard – On motherhood and erasure: people-shaped holes, hollow characters and the illusion of impossible adventures (Intellectus Speculativus blog)

Adam Roberts – Publishing the Science Fiction Canon: The Case of Scientific Romance (Cambridge University Press)

Mejor arte

Ben Baldwin – Portada del set Strange Tales (NewCon Press)

Joey Hi-Fi – portada de Paris Adrift’ de EJ Swift (Solaris)

Sarah Anne Langton – portada de Unholy Land de Lavie Tidhar (Tachyon Publications)

Sing Yun Lee and Morris Wild – arte para la conferencia ‘Sublime Cognition’ (London Science Fiction Research Community)

Likhain – In the Vanishers’ Palace: Dragon I y II (Inprnt)

Bede Rogerson – portada de Concrete Faery de Elizabeth Priest (Luna Press)

Del Samatar – arte para Monster Portraits de Sofia y Del Samatar (Rose Metal Press)

Charlotte Stroomer – portada de Rosewater de Tade Thompson (Orbit)

Nominados a los premios BSFA 2017

Aquí os traigo la lista de nominados a los premios BSFA del 2017, cuyos ganadores se darán a conocer a finales de marzo.

Mejor novela

Nina Allan – The Rift (Titan Books)

Anne Charnock – Dreams Before the Start of Time (47North)

Mohsin Hamid – Exit West (Hamish Hamilton)

Ann Leckie – Provenance (Orbit)


Mejor relato

Anne Charnock – The Enclave (NewCon Press)

Elaine Cuyegkeng – “These Constellations Will Be Yours” (Strange Horizons)

Greg Egan – Uncanny Valley (

Geoff Nelder – “Angular Size” (en ‘SFerics 2017’ editadop or Roz Clarke y Rosie Oliver, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform)

Tade Thompson – The Murders of Molly Southbourne (


Mejor no ficción

Paul Kincaid – Iain M. Banks (University of Illinois Press)

Juliet E McKenna – The Myth of Meritocracy and the Reality of the Leaky Pipe and Other Obstacles in Science Fiction & Fantasy (en Gender Identity and Sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction editado por Francesca T Barbini, Luna Press)

Adam Roberts – artículo en blog Wells at the World’s End 2017  (Wells at the World’s End blog)

Jurado Shadow Clarke Award – The 2017 Shadow Clarke Award blog (The Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy). Los jurados del 2017 Shadow Clarke : Nina Allan, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Victoria Hoyle, Vajra Chandrasekera, Nick Hubble, Paul Kincaid, Jonathan McCalmont, Megan AM.

Vandana Singh – “The Unthinkability of Climate Change: Thoughts on Amitav Ghosh’s The Great Derangement” (Strange Horizons)


Mejor arte

Geneva Benton – Sundown Towns (portada Fiyah Magazine #3)

Jim Burns – portada The Ion Raider de Ian Whates (NewCon Press)

Galen Dara – ilustración para ‘These Constellations Will Be Yours’ de Elaine Cuyegkeng (Strange Horizons)

Chris Moore – portada ‘The Memoirist’ de Neil Williamson (NewCon Press)

Victo Ngai – ilustración para ‘Waiting on a Bright Moon’ de JY Yang (

Marcin Wolski – portada ‘2084’ editado por George Sandison (Unsung Stories)

¡Enhorabuena a los nominados!

Finalistas premios BSFA

Se han dado a conocer los finalistas de los premios BSFA y ¡hay un español entre ellos!

Mejor novela

Chris Beckett – Daughter of Eden (Gollancz)

Becky Chambers – A Closed and Common Orbit (Hodder & Stoughton)

Dave Hutchinson – Europe in Winter (Solaris)

Tricia Sullivan – Occupy Me (Gollancz)

Nick Wood – Azanian Bridges (NewCon Press)


Mejor relato corto

Malcolm Devlin – The End of Hope Street (Interzone #266)

Jaine Fenn – Liberty Bird (Now We Are Ten, NewCon Press)

Una McCormack – Taking Flight (Crises and Conflicts, NewCon Press)

Helen Oyeyemi – Presence (What is Not Yours is Not Yours, Picador)

Tade Thompson – The Apologists (Interzone #266)

Aliya Whiteley – The Arrival of Missives (Unsung Stories)

Mejor no ficción

Rob Hansen – THEN: Science Fiction Fandom in the UK 1930-1980 (Ansible Editions)

Erin Horáková – Boucher, Backbone and Blake: The Legacy of Blakes Seven (Strange Horizons)

Anna McFarlane – Breaking the Cycle of the Golden Age: Jack Glass and Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy (Adam Roberts: Critical Essays, Gylphi)

Paul Graham Raven – New Model Authors? Authority, Authordom, Anarchism and the Atomized Text in a Networked World (Adam Roberts: Critical Essays, Gylphi)

Geoff Ryman – 100 African Writers of SFF (

Ann & Jeff VanderMeer – Introduction to The Big Book of Science Fiction (Vintage)

Mejor ilustración

Juan Miguel Aguilera – Portada de The 1000 Year Reich by Ian Watson (NewCon Press)

Tara Bush – Transition (Portada de Black Static #53)

Suzanne Dean and Kai & Sunny – Portada de The Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan (William Heinemann)

David A Hardy – Portada de Disturbed Universes by David L Clements (NewCon Press)

Sarah Anne Langton – Portada de Central Station by Lavie Tidhar (Tachyon Publications)

Chris Moore – Portada de The Iron Tactician by Alastair Reynolds (NewCon Press)

¡Enhorabuena a los nominados!

Candidatos para los premios BSFA 2016

Parece que la temporada de nominaciones y demás votos va calentando motores. Por el momento, aquí tenemos la longlist de candidatos a los BSFA. Ojo, que lo de long va en serio.


Naomi Alderman The Power (Viking)
Charlie Jane Anders All The Birds In The Sky (Titan Books)
Stephen Aryan Bloodmage (Orbit)
Stephen Baxter & Alastair Reynolds The Medusa Chronicles (Gollancz)
Chris Beckett Daughter of Eden (Gollancz)
Elizabeth Bonesteel The Cold Between (Harper Voyager)
Gavin Chait Lament for the Fallen (Doubleday)
Becky Chambers A Closed and Common Orbit (Hodder & Stoughton)
Matthew de Abaitua The Destructives (Angry Robot)
Mark de Jager Infernal (Del Rey)
Daniel Godfrey New Pompeii (Titan Books)
Matt Hill Graft (Angry Robot)
Dave Hutchinson Europe in Winter (Solaris)
N. K. Jemisin The Fifth Season (Orbit)
Yoon Ha Lee Ninefox Gambit (Solaris)
Cixin Liu (traducido por Ken Liu) Death’s End (Head of Zeus)
Paul McAuley Into Everywhere (Gollancz)
Alan Moore Jerusalem (Knockabout/Liveright)
Claire North The Sudden Appearance of Hope (Orbit)
Christopher Priest The Gradual (Gollancz)
Alastair Reynolds Revenger (Gollancz)
Al Robertson Waking Hell (Gollancz)
V. E. Schwab A Gathering Of Shadows (Titan Books)
Johanna Sinisalo (traducido por Lola Rogers) The Core of the Sun (Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press)
Charles Stross The Nightmare Stacks (Orbit)
Tricia Sullivan Occupy Me (Gollancz)
Steph Swainston Fair Rebel (Gollancz)
Adrian Tchaikovsky The Tiger and the Wolf (Pan)
Lavie Tidhar Central Station (Tachyon/PS Publishing)
Peter Tieryas United States of Japan (Angry Robot)
Simon Kurt Unsworth The Devil’s Evidence (Del Rey)
Ren Warom Escapology (Titan Books)
Colson Whitehead The Underground Railroad (Fleet)
Nick Wood Azanian Bridges (NewCon Press)


Vajra Chandrasekera “Applied Cenotaphics of the Long, Long Longitudes” (Strange Horizons)
Ian Creasey “No Strangers Any More” (Analog July/August 2016)
Ian Creasey “The Language of Flowers” (Analog May/June 2016)
Claire Dean “Is-and (Dead Letters ed. Conrad Williams, Titan Books)
Malcolm Devlin “The End of Hope Street” (Interzone #266)
Jaine Fenn “Liberty Bird” (Now We Are Ten, ed. Ian Whates, NewCon Press)
Dan Grace “Winter” (Unsung Stories)
Caroline Grebbell “Model Organisms” (Shoreline of Infinity #4)
Peter Haynes “Build a Cat” (Unsung Stories)
Kij Johnson “The Dream Quest of Vellit Boe” (
Carole Johnstone “Wetwork” (Black Static #52)
Inés G. Labarta “McTavish Manor” (Holland House)
Ian R. MacLeod “The Visitor from Taured” (Asimov’s 09/2016)
Paul McAuley “Elves of Antarctica” (Drowned Worlds, ed. Jonathan Strahan, Solaris)
Una McCormack “Taking Flight” (Crises and Conflicts, ed. Ian Whates, NewCon Press)
China Miéville “This Census Taker” (Picador)
Helen Oyeyemi “Presence” (What Is Not Yours Is Not Nours, Picador)
Vaughan Stanger “Insider Art” (Abyss & Apex 58)
Bruce Sterling “Pirate Utopia” (Tachyon Publications)
Tade Thompson “The Apologists” (Interzone #266)
Sarah Tolmie “The Dancer on the Stairs” (Two Travelers, Aqueduct Press)
Susana Vallejo (traducido por Lawrence Schimel) “Gracia” (Strange Horizons)
Ian Watson “Himmler in the Barcelona Hallucination Cell” (Barcelona Tales NewCon Press)
Ian Watson “The Brain from Beyond” (PS Publishing)
Aliya Whiteley “The Arrival of Missives” (Unsung Stories)
Kai Ashante Wilson “A Taste of Honey” (St. Martin’s Press)


John Clute “Scores column, articles published in 2016” (Strange Horizons)
Rob Hansen THEN: Science Fiction Fandom in the UK 1930-1980 (Ansible Editions)
Erin Horakova “Boucher, Backbone and Blake: The Legacy of Blakes Seven” (Strange Horizons)
Paul Kincaid “This is Science Fiction?” (Los Angeles Review of Books)
Joel Lane This Spectacular Darkness: critical essays by Joel Lane ed. Mark Valentine & John Howard (Tartarus Press)
Michael Levy & Farah Mendelsohn Children’s Fantasy Literature: An Introduction (CUP)
Anna Macfarlane Breaking the Cycle of the Golden Age: Jack Glass and Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy (Adam Roberts: Critical Essays, Ed. Christos Callow Jr. & Anna Macfarlane, Gylphi)
Jonathan McCalmont Nothing Beside Remains: a History of the New Weird (Big Echo)
Paul Graham Raven “New Model Authors? Authority, Authordom, Anarchism and the Atomized Text in a Networked World” (Adam Roberts: Critical Essays, Ed. Christos Callow Jr. & Anna Macfarlane, Gylphi)
Geoff Ryman 100 African Writers of SFF (
Ann & Jeff VanderMeer “Introduction to The Big Book of Science Fiction” (Vintage)
Glen Weldon The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture (Simon & Schuster)


Juan Miguel Aguilera portada de ‘The 1000 Year Reich’ de Ian Watson
Mark Allison “Goblin Santa” (Bad Machinery)
Patricio Betteo Auzh-Aravik (Strange Horizons)
Tara Bush portada de Black Static #51 (Black Static/TTA Press)
Dave Hardy portada de ‘Disturbed Universes’ de David L. Clements (NewCon Press)
Sarah Anne Langton portada de Central Station de Lavie Tidhar (Tachyon Publications)
Chris Moore portada de The Iron Tactician de Alastair Reynolds (NewCon Press)
Vincent Sammy portada de Azanian Bridges de Nick Wood (NewCon Press)
Vincent Sammy portada de Mementores de Keith Brooke (NewCon Press)
Mahendra Singh “The Thanatos Mode” (Strange Horizons)
(Desconocido) portada de ‘The Sunlight Pilgrims’ de Jenni Fagan, William Heinemann
(Desconocido) portada de Version Control de Dexter Palmer (Pantheon Books)

Ganadores BSFA 2015

Aunque ya lo publicó el siempre atento @odo, no puedo resistirme a traeros los ganadores de los Premios BSFA 2015. Y es que estoy contentísima por Aliette de Bodard.

Mejor novela

Aliette de Bodard, The House of Shattered Wings, Gollancz

Mejor relato

Aliette de Bodard, “Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight”, Clarkesworld 100

Mejor artículo

Adam Roberts, Rave and Let Die: The SF and Fantasy of 2014, Steel Quill Books

Mejor ilustración

Jim Burns, Cover of Pelquin’s Comet, Newcon Press

¡Enhorabuena a los ganadores!

Nominados a los premios BSFA 2015

Se han dado a conocer los nominados a los premios BSFA, son los siguientes:

Mejor novela
Dave Hutchinson, Europe at Midnight
Chris Beckett, Mother of Eden
Aliette de Bodard, The House of Shattered Wings
Ian McDonald, Luna: New Moon
Justina Robson, Glorious Angels

Mejor relato
Aliette de Bodard, “Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight”
Paul Cornell, “The Witches of Lychford”
Jeff Noon, “No Rez”
Nnedi Okorafor, “Binti”
Gareth L. Powell, “Ride the Blue Horse”

Mejor no-ficción
Nina Allan, “Time Pieces: Doctor Change or Doctor Die”
Alisa Krasnostein y Alexandra Pierce, Letters to Tiptree
Jonathan McCalmont, “What Price Your Critical Agency”
Adam Roberts, Rave and Let Die: The SF and Fantasy of 2014
Jeff VanderMeer, “From Annihilation to Acceptance: A Writer’s Surreal Journey”

Mejor arte
Jim Burns, Portada de Pelquin’s Comet, Newcon Press
Vincent Sammy, “Songbird”, Interzone 257
Wayne Haag, “Bus Stop”, Interzone 253
Sarah Anne Langton, Portada de  Jews Versus Zombies, Jurassic London

¡Enhorabuena a los nominados!

Nominados al premio BSFA Novella

Aquí tenemos los nominados al premio BSFA de novella, que llega a su segunda edición.

The Harlequin de Nina Allan

Motherland de Alix Christie

The Year of the Horse de Zoë Ranson

Mistakes de the Lake de Brian Petkash

When It Was Raining de Kevin Parry

Esp de Michael Wyndham Thomas

In Wolf Village de Penny Simpson

¡Enhorabuena a los nominados!

Estadísticas de voto premios BSFA

Para los apasionados de las estadísticas (no, no te estoy mirando @literfan) en este enlace se pueden consultar los votos para los premios BSFA.

Resulta curioso constatar los pocos, poquísimos votos recibidos. La victoria aplastante de Ruth E. J. Booth en la categoría de ficción corta contrasta con la algo más disputada de novela.

¿Qué os parecen los votos? ¿Os recuerda algo a los Ignotus?