Nueva novella de Peter F. Hamilton

En su página de facebook Peter F. Hamilton ha anunciado la venta a Pan MacMillan de su novella A window into time. Os pongo la información de la nota de prensa:

The novella is a high-concept mystery set in London, with a compelling time-travel twist. In the novella, teenage Julian has perfect recall, which means he has trouble finding his place in the world. But he really does know his own mind. So when he starts experiencing someone else’s memories, which are also glimpses of the future, Julian realizes he must find out why. It soon becomes clear that this unmet friend is in danger. And Julian resolves to do everything in his power to track down this mysterious other person – and prevent him from being killed.

Peter F. Hamilton commented:  ‘The story of Julian is one that’s been in the back of my head for a couple of years now.  So while I was between novels at the end of 2015, I took the opportunity to finally get it written down. It’s unusual for me in that it isn’t set in the future or features a lot of shiny Science Fictional technology. Which makes me very happy that Macmillan was keen to publish it.’

Pagan said: ‘Peter F. Hamilton continues to bend his prodigious imagination to new challenges. He’s come up with something fresh and exciting in A WINDOW INTO TIME, and this will be a treat for new readers as well as loyal fans.’

Mi hype ya está por las nubes, ¿cómo anda el vuestro? Pues tendremos que esperar hasta julio.

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