Libro gratis : Final session

finalsessionEstará disponible para su descarga gratuita durante un tiempo limitado Final session de Kennedy Brandt.

Aquí os dejo la sinopsis:

The key to the enemy’s victory in the long and bloody war between the Mutuality and the decadent Coalition lies buried deep in the mind of Marden Kupp, a lone Prisoner Of War.
Marden has been trained to resist all forms of interrogation.
He was never trained for what Mr. Slake has in mind.
A speculative fiction novelette born out of Orson Scott Card’s world-renowned writing course, and a Writers Of The Future 2007 Honorable Mention.

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  1. (Please forgive the English — my Español is very, very rusty…)

    Thank you very much for the mention. I sincerely hope any readers find this story to be worth their time.

    Best regards,
    Kennedy Brandt

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