Libro gratis : Mocklore Omnibus

Durante el día de hoy estará disponible para su descarga gratuita el libro Mocklore Omnibus de Tansy Rayner Roberts, multipremiada autora australiana.

Aquí os traigo la sinopsis de las dos novelas incluídas (Splashdance Silver y Liquid Gold):


Kassa Daggersharp has been avoiding her legacy as the daughter of infamous parents for far too long. But the death of her father, Vicious Bigbeard, leaves her the heir of a precious treasure trove, the Splashdance silver.

All she has to do is form a pirate crew from scratch, dodge the minions of the new Lady Emperor, learn how to control her long-neglected magic, and win the loyalty of the worst traitor in the history of the Mocklore Empire.

No problem, right?


The most seductively dangerous substance in the world is invented by Mocklore alchemists… and promptly stolen by a beautiful troll. This golden goo with the power of time travel causes havok throughout the Mocklore Empire, causing damage to reality and even the Underworld.

It’s a problem for everyone, but especially for Kassa, whose unexpected death by trinket leaves her in a prime position to investigate what’s going wrong in the land of the dead… while her crew, left behind, have to decide what their futures hold.

Comedy pirates, saucy witches, magical explosions, gratuitous historical trivia and flying sheep… it’s just another day in Mocklore.