Ganadores premios Utopiales 2017

Ya conocemos los ganadores de los premios Utopiales de esta año.

The European Utopiales Award

L’Installation de la peur de Rui Zink, traducido del portugués  “A Instalação do Medo” (The Installation of Fear) de Maira Muchnik

Prix Utopiales Européen Jeunesse 2017 (Premio novela juvenil)

Le jardin des épitaphes, tome 1: Celui qui reste debout, Taï-Marc Le Thanh (Didier jeunesse)

Prix Utopiales BD 2017 (Mejor tebeo)

La terre de fils de Gilpi (Éditiones Futuropolis)

Prix Extraordinare Utopiales 2017

Pierre Bordage, escritor francés de ciencia ficción y fantasía

Prix Joel-Champetier

Feldrik Rivat por Le Contrat Antonov-201

Este premio es para una historia corta inédita escrita en francés por autores no canadienses.

Prix Julia Verlanger

L’espace d’un an et Libration de Becky Chambers (L’Atalante) (A Closed and Common Orbit)

¡Enhorabuena a los ganadores!

Ganador premio European Utopiales

Este fin de semana, se ha dado a conocer el ganador del premio European Utopiales destinado a una novela o colección de ciencia ficción publicada en francés durante el año anterior.

El ganador es :

Sumerki (Dusk) de Dmitry Glukhovsky, traducido por Denis E. Savine (Éditions L’Atalante)

Aquí os pongo la sinopsis:

When Dmitry Alexeievitch, a penniless translator, insists at his agency to obtain a new contract he has no idea that his life will be turned upside down. As he starts translating the first chapter he is offered nothing new, although it is a strange text that unfolds: the story of an expedition in the unexplored forests of Yucatan in the sixteenth century, an army led by the Franciscan priest Diego de Landa. But the chapters given to him are offered one by one by a mysterious sponsor. Also, when the agency employer is brutally murdered and the dangers reported in the document interfere with his everyday life Dmitry Alexeievitch gets scared. From the shadows of the past, are the Mayan gods and demons desperate to protect forbidden knowledge? Unless, of course, this Spanish manuscript has made him lose his mind. While the world around him is devastated by hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, time is running out for discovering the truth.
Sumerki, a mix of esoteric suspense and magic realism, is the second novel of Dmitry Glukhovsky. It is as much an intimately involvement as it is a flamboyant and gloomy vision of nowadays Moscow.