Competición relato corto de la BFS

La British Fantasy Society tiene por costumbre organizar una competición de relatos cortos. Este año el juez será Allen Ashley.

Se puede presentar al concurso cualquier relato que cumpla los requisitos, no es necesario que el autor sea miembro de la BFS, aunque con un coste económico de 5 libras.

Aquí os dejo las palabras de Allen:

I have really enjoyed having the privilege of judging the BFS Short Story Competition for the last couple of years. The winning stories from 2013 should be appearing in a future BFS Journal very soon. The competition is open to everyone apart from committee members of the BFS. As a BFS member, you get one free entry as part of your membership. Non-members pay, and second entries from BFS members cost, £5 or dollar equivalent per story. There’s just me judging – no filtering committee or anything like that. I will read every story thoroughly and often several times. Word limit is 5000 words and all the usual rules apply. Submission window opens on 1 March 2014 and closes on 30 June 2014. I will be reading the stories over the Summer and, although it’s a tight turn around, I hope to announce the winners at Fantasy Con in York in September.