Portadas y sinopsis de la nueva saga de Linda Nagata

Ya conocemos cuáles serán las portadas de los nuevos lanzamientos (aunque el primero ya fue autopublicado) de Linda Nagata en Saga Press. Se llamarán The red y The trials. También os traigo las sinopsis.

thered the trials

The Red

Reality TV and advanced technology make for high drama in this political thriller that combines the military action of Zero Dark Thirty with the classic science fiction of The Forever War.

Lieutenant James Shelley, who has an uncanny knack for premeditating danger, leads a squad of advanced US Army military tasked with enforcing the peace around a conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. The squad members are linked wirelessly 24/7 to themselves and a central intelligence that guides them via drone relay—and unbeknownst to Shelley and his team, they are being recorded for a reality TV show.

When an airstrike almost destroys their outpost, a plot begins to unravel that’s worthy of Crichton and Clancy’s best. The conflict soon involves rogue defense contractors, corrupt US politicians, and homegrown terrorists who possess nuclear bombs. Soon Shelley must accept that the helpful warnings in his head could be AI. But what is the cost of serving its agenda?


The Trials

In the wake of nuclear terrorism, a squad of elite soldiers must combat artificial intelligence and seek justice in this military political thriller, a sequel to The Red.

Lieutenant James Shelley and his squad of US Army soldiers were on a quest for justice when they carried out the unauthorized mission known as First Light. They returned home to America to face a court-martial, determined to expose the corruption in the chain of command that compelled their actions. But in a country still reeling from the nuclear terrorism of Coma Day, the courtroom is just one battlefield of many.

A new cycle of violence ignites when rumors of the elusive, rogue AI known as the Red go public—and Shelley is, once again, pulled into the fray. Challenged by his enemies, driven by ideals, Shelley feels compelled to act. But are the harrowing choices he makes really his own, or are they made for him, by the Red? And with millions of lives at stake in a game of nuclear cat-and-mouse, does the answer even matter?

Linda Nagata: Nanopunk sin fronteras

Uno lee una obra que le entusiasma y después se pasa la vida rastreando a su autor sin entender por qué no es más conocido y cómo es que no recibe más atención por parte de la crítica, sin explicarse por qué no es más popular entre los lectores. Hace bastante años leí The Bohr Maker, una novela desconocida para muchos fans del género, al menos en España, pero que supuso mi primera toma de contacto con el ciberpunk -antes incluso de leer Neuromancer, a pesar de ser ésta una obra anterior.

Desde entonces he seguido los pasos de su autora, la estadounidense Linda Nagata, y he leído algunas de sus obras posteriores como Vast o Limits of Vision, admirando su capacidad para crear historias en las que la tecnología se acopla a la vida orgánica de maneras diferentes y originales. Con motivo del especial que El Fantascopio ha organizado sobre autoras de ciencia ficción, mi compañero Elías y una servidora hemos tenido la oportunidad de entrevistar a esta escritora, conversación que os ofrecemos en inglés en el estupendo blog Sense of Wonder y en español, seguidamente.

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Contenidos de Reach for Infinity

ReachForInfinity-195x300Jonathan Strahan ha hecho pública la tabla de contenidos de su nueva recopilacion “Reach for infinity”. Si habéis leído los interesantísimos post de Sense of Wonder sobre autores de relatos, parece que Strahan y Odo tienen un gusto similar, lo que es marchamo de calidad.

Aquí os pongo los relatos y los autores:

  • “Report Concerning The Presence of Seahorses On Mars”, Pat Cadigan
  • “The Dust Queen”, Aliette de Bodard
  • “Break My Fall”, Greg Egan
  • “Wilder Still, the Stars”, Kathleen Ann Goonan
  • “Amicae Aeternum”, Ellen Klages
  • “Hiraeth: a tragedy in four acts”, Karen Lord
  • “The Entire Immense Superstructure’: An Installation”, Ken Macleod
  • “The Fifth Dragon”, Ian McDonald
  • “Attitude”, Linda Nagata
  • “Invisible Planets”, Hannu Rajaniemi
  • “In Babelsberg”, Alastair Reynolds
  • “Trademark Bugs: A Legal History”, Adam Roberts
  • “Kheldyu”, Karl Schroeder
  • “Hotshot”, Peter Watts

La verdad, tiene una pinta estupenda. ¿Cuánto falta para junio?

Libro gratis : The wild de Linda Nagata

TheWild_200x300En su blog Linda Nagata ha publicado de forma serializada su novela “The Wild”.

Es una buena oportunidad para acercarnos a esta autora y ver si nos gusta lo que escribe. Estará disponible completa durante un tiempo limitado, ya que la propia autora la va a publicar como ebook.

Aquí os dejo la sinopsis.

Generations past, the people lived in an Edenic land, but disaster forced them to seek a new home on a wild continent that never before knew a human presence. The Wild is inhabited by spirits of wind, stream, forest, and mist, but these beings care nothing for the people, and some are cruel and hostile. The most powerful of these is Siddel, a spirit of storm and thunder who committed an abomination when he created the arowl — mad, ravening beasts endowed with an unquenchable hunger that drives them to hunt the people. Bennek is a young warrior who leaves behind the relative safety of the Protected Lands to venture north with his brother and his cousin, on a quest to find an ancestral spirit that most people believe departed the world long ago. As Bennek and his kin make their way north, other forces are stirring. The fate of both the people, and the Wild itself, may soon be decided.